2013-2014 Season

Arsenic and Old Lace

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Coming Soon: Arsenic & Old Lace
Sisters Martha and Abby Brewster, two benevolent, thoughtful, sweet, elderly women have developed a nasty little habit. They poison lonely old men who have nothing to live for as an act of charity.
Their bugle-blowing nephew Teddy (who thinks he's Teddy Roosevelt) takes the lost souls (and their bodies) to the Panama Canal (the cellar) for burial. Another of their nephews, Mortimer, rushes home to announce his recent engagement only to discover the morbid truth of his maiden aunts. Long-lost third nephew Jonathon unexpectedly arrives on the scene. He too has a habit of killing people. Mortimer desperately tries to save his aunts from the consequences of their life of unwitting crime, avoid the deadly machinations of his evil brother Jonathon, and hold onto the woman he loves in this classic American comedy.

Don't miss this devilishly funny play, performing August 2 - 17, featuring some of The Players favorite actors (plus a few new faces!).